Who Ruled Comic-Con Cosplay in 2017? Wonder Woman, Obviously

Becky and Megan are a mother and daughter from Phoenix, Arizona. This is their sixth Comic-Con, but the first time both have cosplayed. “It is so great to see a powerful female character that’s self-assured,” Becky says.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Lilith is eight years old—and has been to Comic-Con eight times. This is her first time dressed as Wonder Woman. “I did it first because my mom likes it and second of all because I like it,” she says.

Edna is 36, lives in San Diego, and came as Wonder Woman last year. She’s happy that the movie has led so many others to celebrate the character as well. “It’s great to see a superhero as a woman,” she says.

Mariah is 21 years old and lives in San Diego; this was her second Comic-Con. “I was Harley Quinn last year, but I wanted to be Wonder Woman originally,” she said. “This year I just went for it.”

Gloria, a 48-year-old from San Diego, didn’t have a lot of superhero choices as a child. “It was Batman, Superman, Aquaman or Wonder Woman,” she says. “Now you have so many female characters, girls can pick to their heart’s desire. But for me it was WW.”

Angeli is 29 years old and lives in Los Angeles. She grew up watching the old Wonder Woman, and has even met Lynda Carter. But don’t make her choose between Carter and Gal Godot. “I like them both,” she says.

Four-year-old Aubrey from San Diego says she’s dressed as Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

Twenty-six-year-old Pamela is from Brazil but lives in California. When asked why she dressed up as Wonder Woman, she says, “I wanted to represent her—and my own strength—through the character.”

For Alfonze, a 35-year-old from Washington D.C., the costume choice was pretty simple: “I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of dudes dressed as Wonder Woman.”

For Tamara, 24 years old and living in San Diego, Wonder Woman is someone she can relate to in part because of the actress. “I chose Wonder Woman because Gal Godot is Israeli and it’s the first time I’ve seen myself in a superhero,” she says. “I believe I can be a superhero.”

Dani, a 34-year-old from San Jose, finds Wonder Woman inspiring. “I just felt like i needed to show my love and support for this character,” she says.

Erika, a 34-year-old from Burbank, California, wore a different Wonder Woman costume each day at Comic-Con. “I just wanted to be Wonder Woman all weekend,” she says.

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