Trump’s Wall Is Worthless if He Doesn’t Back It Up With Tech

If Congress were to fail to pass a spending bill before the end of the day Friday, the government could shut down. That’s why President Trump just blinked. He shelved a plan to demand that funding for a border wall be included in that bill after both Democrats and Republicans voiced fierce opposition.

President Trump seemed intent on avoiding the humiliation of seeing his plan for a “big, beautiful wall” shut down along with the government, particularly when his own party controls Congress. Throughout his campaign, he sold the wall to his base as a bold symbol of his commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration. And so presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway took to the airwaves Tuesday to run cover for the president as his plans faltered. “Building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority to him,” Conway said on Fox & Friends. “But we also know that that can happen later this year and into next year.” Instead, Conway said, “smart technology” would enhance border security in the interim.