Review: Misen Chef’s Knife

Among all the tools and gadgets that can fill a kitchen, knives are without a doubt the most personal and indispensable. Admire one in a chef’s collection and prepare for an unsolicited earful of its history, but do not expect an offer for you to try it. My own collection is modest but I’m proud of it. Among them, my favorites are a Wüsthof Classic Cook’s Knife and my Tadafusa santoku. The Wüsthof capably does everything from mincing a shallot to cutting up a chicken and the sharper blade angle of the santoku cuts through vegetables like a scalpel.

Misen Chef’s Knife



A $65 knife that promises the quality of its $140 competition.


Despite solid out-of-the-box performance (and extremely favorable reviews of prototype models) the steel quality, particularly its hardness, is nowhere near what Misen claims it is. Shown to a master bladesmith who ran extensive tests on it, he compared the quality of the Misen’s steel not with a knife that cost $140, but that of one he bought for $12 at Walmart.

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