Review: Breville Fast Slow Pro

Pressure cookers are heralded as near-magical kitchen appliances, making stocks, cooking grains, creating risottos and other flavor-packed meals in a fraction of the time other methods might take. They are smart timesavers and workhorses with a lineage that extends back to the stovetops of our great grandmothers.

Pressure cookers are also enjoying a mini-renaissance, thanks in part to the availability of models with more and better pressure release valves, which makes them safer than older versions. Particularly popular right now are electric varieties that offer a degree of control harder to achieve in stovetop models.

Breville Fast Slow Pro



A high-powered electric pressure cooker that helps you control the amount of pressure, cooking time, and how the pressure is released at the end of cooking.


Too difficult for most people to get the hang of the machine in a reasonable amount of time. Recipes in the box neglected the basics, but using other pressure cooker cookbooks led to a string of disappointments. Presets on the cooker itself need finessing in order to be truly useful. At $250, twice as much as most other pressure cookers.

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