Hoefler & Co.’s Handy Web Tool Lets You Try On Different Typefaces—For Free

Fonts are like pants: It’s best to try on a few different styles before making a purchase. Like a pair of jeans that look flattering on one person and unbecoming on the next, a typeface that comes across as elegant in a bit of sample text might look overcrowded when used for your company logo. Just because it looks good on the mannequin doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you.

Type foundry Hoefler & Co. wants to make trying on fonts easier, with a new tool it calls Try.typography.com. Think of it like a fitting room for typefaces. Users can select fonts from Hoefler & Co.’s catalog and test them out at various sizes, with different line spacing, and with or without certain stylistic flourishes. You can do this to a degree in programs like Word or Adobe InDesign, but with Try.typography, Hoefler & Co. aims to create a faster, more interactive experience. “We’re really hoping to use this platform more as a living tutorial about how a typeface might behave,” says foundry founder Jonathan Hoefler.