Awesome Kindle Deal: 3 Amazon Kindles On Sale This Week

Update: As of October 26, 2017, these deals are no longer active. If they go on sale again, these links will still work.

The season of sales is just beginning, but this may be the week to buy a Kindle. Thanks to our friends at TechBargains, we spotted four awesome Kindle deals going on this week, and one equally great discount on a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet.

The best all-around Kindle (25% off)

If you want a Kindle, but haven’t gotten further than that, the Paperwhite has long been the best place to start. It has most of the luxury Kindle features, including a pleasant light-up screen and 30-day battery life, but at a price that won’t destroy you. This week, you can grab the normal 6-inch Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi ebook reader for $90 (List Price: $120).

A more luxurious Kindle (15% off)

The Kindle Voyage is a small step-up from the Paperwhite. But that still means you get extras like convenient page press buttons and a more robust, auto-adjusting backlight. Bottom line, it’s a great Kindle, and also on sale. You can nab a 6-inch Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi ebook reader for $170 (List Price: $200).

If any Kindle will do (38% off)

The standard 6-inch Kindle is totally usable, just not in the dark. Its resolution is a little lower, but honestly it probably won’t bother you a bit. The lack of a backlight might, but at this price, maybe just turn the lamp on. The standard 6-inch Kindle Wi-Fi ebook reader for $50 (List Price: $80).

Unlimited ebooks for your ebook reader (33% off)

If you decide to curl up with a new Kindle this week, you may want to consider Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription. We’re not always fans of the growing subscription economy, but this one gives unlimited access to 1 million books that you can read at your leisure, and some free Audible books, too. That’s not a bad deal. There are 12-month and 24-month options. You can get a 12-month Kindle Unlimited subscription for about $80 (List Price: $120).

This Fire tablet is also on sale

It doesn’t fit with our Kindle theme, but hey, maybe your kids will read a few Kindle books on this Fire Kids Edition tablet in between games and Disney movies. At $30 off its normal price, it’s within reach if you’re shopping for holiday gifts. The Fire HD 8 is our favorite Amazon Fire tablet, and its Kids Edition comes with a few extra features and a nice shock-absorbing case. You can buy the 8-inch Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for $100 (List Price: $130).

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