A (Kinda) Joint Bank Account for More-Than-Venmo-Serious Couples

My boyfriend was hanging out at a restaurant with some newlyweds. At one point, they debated ordering more food but finally declined: “We’re on a budget,” they said.

“I know they just got married,” my boyfriend told me. “But I was kind of jealous I couldn’t say we were on a budget too.”

Now we can. Sort of. For the past six weeks, we’ve been using online bank Simple’s shared accounts feature, which Simple released publicly today. Shared accounts are a kind of “kind-of” joint checking account—a way of sharing money when you aren’t quite ready for the commitment of tying your financial lives together but you are too close to keep asking, “Can you Venmo me for that deli order?”

That’s where my boyfriend and I have been for awhile now. He is—how should I put this?—pretty anti-mainstream, especially when it comes to tech. He doesn’t have a Facebook account and hails cabs by hand. I can’t get him to download Venmo, which has cost him hundreds of dollars in bar tabs because I never carry cash.