Taylor Farms wants to make food without fossil fuels

 As industries go, agriculture represents one of the worst environmental offenders, according to research by the United Nations Environment Programme. Farms need tending around the clock. So besides all the fertilizers, pesticides and water they use, farms also burn a lot of fossil fuels and money to keep the lights on, tractors rolling and refrigerators humming. Now one major agricultural… Read More

Watch Uber’s Elevate electric VTOL summit live right here

 Uber’s Elevate summit, which brings together experts in the vertical take-off and landing industry, is happening in Dallas, Texas starting today and continuing through tomorrow. The conference includes a number of sessions, with participation from experts from some of the largest aeronautics companies in the world, as well as regulators and leading academics. Basically, if… Read More

Tesla to double its Supercharger network in 2017, topping 10K chargers globally

 Tesla is getting ready to produce the Model 3 at volumes unprecedented for the company, but it hasn’t forgotten about that other key ingredient in the electric vehicle mix – charging infrastructure. The automaker announced today that while it began 2017 with over 5,000 Superchargers installed globally, it will end the year with double that, offering 10,000 Supercharger… Read More

Nature Conservancy gives forest management a digital makeover

 Keeping a forest healthy often means deciding what to do tree by tree and acre by acre. That’s easy enough with a square mile of it, but what about a thousand? The Nature Conservancy is working on tools that will make it easy for park services, fire control and conservationists to keep entire forests alive, thriving and — you know, not on fire. Read More