Tesla will reveal the final production Model 3 in July

 Tesla is going to show Tesla 3 buyers what their call will officially look like in July, Elon Musk revealed on Twitter on Thursday. The Model 3’s first unveiling took place in April of 2016, where it said cameras weren’t allowed (unless they were built into your phone). Because smartphones are as good as they are, we got a fairly decent look at what the Model 3 looked like at the… Read More

Tesla will reveal its electric semi truck in September

 Elon Musk just let us know when we’ll get a look at the electric semi truck that he’s teased in the past: The Tesla transport vehicle will be revealed in September, the CEO said on Twitter on Thursday, noting that the team has “done an amazing job” and that the vehicle is “seriously next level.” Plans at Tesla for an electric semi truck have been in the… Read More

Lucid tests a prototype of its Air electric car at extreme high speed

 Lucid is continuing down its path of shipping a Tesla competitor, and the Air just underwent another milestone: High-speed testing. A performance-targeted prototype version of its flagship Air car, the first it’s intending to bring to production, hit Ohio’s 7.5-mile TRC test track to check out how it holds up under high-speed use, including a (software limited) top speed of 217… Read More